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Delivering Next-Generation Analytical
Solutions on FHIR

What is FHIR?

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources – a new protocol for exchanging data between healthcare systems.

FHIR is used in many countries from the US and EU to South East Asia, and it is becoming more and more popular every day.

Why FHIR is Essential for Healthcare

FHIR enables seamless data exchange between different healthcare systems and applications, promoting collaboration and enhancing patient care

With its well-defined data models and resources, FHIR ensures consistent and interoperable data representation, simplifying analysis and decision-making

FHIR's flexible architecture accommodates the evolving needs of healthcare organizations, allowing for customization and easy integration with existing systems

FHIR incorporates robust privacy and security mechanisms, protecting sensitive patient information and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements

FHIR: Transforming Healthcare

Our mission is to empower decision-makers with fast, scalable and stable data visualization and analytical applications based on our cutting-edge technology stack.

Our analytical solution is built on FHIR, providing a secure and standardized way to exchange, integrate, and analyze healthcare data. It offers unparalleled scalability and performance.

By leveraging the power of distributed computing and parallel processing, our solution can handle massive volumes of healthcare data, enabling faster and more efficient analysis

We can help clients in many ways:

Implement a centralized solution to track compliance metrics and provide consistent and reliable reporting.

Develop interactive and visually engaging dashboards to "vitalize" infographics and facilitate data exploration.

Enable access rights differentiation based on regional affiliation and management level.

Create a single information space for heads of medical organizations, chief doctors, medical specialists.

Automate typical algorithms for parameter analysis.

MPP Labs: Empowering Healthcare Through FHIR Solutions

We provide the fastest FHIR analytics on the market. We’re looking for clients like hospitals, medical research centers, universities and government healthcare organizations. We’re also looking for partners who develop FHIR compliant Healthcare Information Systems and solutions – let’s implement FHIR together!

Technology stack

Java, Clickhouse, Greenplum, Hadoop, Vertica, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Redis, React, JavaScript/TypeScript, WordPress, Node.js, Excel, DB2, SAP, JDBC/HTTP source connectors